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Name:Muse Prompts
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Community description:A no-pressure muse writing community with daily prompts offered.
Welcome to Muse Prompt! We are a character-centric daily prompt community. If you have a character you’re itching to write for, or if you’re just looking for some prompts to spark your creativity you can find them here every day.

Daily Themes:
Mun prompt Monday - A day for mun to have a voice. Responses to this day's prompt will be in your own voice.

Two choices Tuesday - The first of the character developing prompts. Your character will be given two choices and sometimes you can only choose one.

Word List Wednesday - Nothing fancy here, a list of words to spark the imagination. Write as much or as little as you want.

Questionnaire Thursday - The second of the character developing prompts. Your character can answer as many or as few questions as he or she likes. Some questions will be quite normal, others not so much.

Photo Fic Friday - A photograph about which you will make up a story, including your character of course (or not? it's your choice!).

Sentence Challenge Saturday - You will be presented with five unique sentences. Your job will be to make up a story which incorporates all five!

Situation Sunday - The third character developing prompt day. You will be presented with a random scenario in which your character will be caught up. How will it pan out?

Community Rules:
We are an open community. Anyone can join and all members can post to the community.

This community is open to all fandoms and all original characters are welcome.

You are allowed to write for as many or as few characters are there are taking up space in your head. Duplicate characters from the same fandom are allowed.

However! It is not okay to duplicate another person’s original character. Original characters are the sole property of their creators.

Character drama is expected and allowed. However, the community will not tolerate any form of drama between muns. This includes using your muse as a mouth piece.

Roleplay is certainly allowed and encouraged, however this comm is mainly for writing so keep RP in comment responses to the original posts.

Some days a prompt won't inspire you, and that's okay! You are encouraged to go back through the prompts and dig up an old one that does. You can post your response to it just as you would any other.

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